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AutoJudo is a patent pending, real-time reverse auction and vehicle listing site.  For car buyers, we deliver multiple dealers best offers.  For car dealers, we deliver highly engaged and exclusive prospective buyers.  Our unique value proposition places us in the center of the intersection of automotive retailing and the internet.


I’m Tom Smith, AutoJudo’s founder.  I am a car lover and a media guy who’s produced and monetized thousands of live and recorded broadcasts.  I was a car salesman while studying journalism in college and as a consumer I'm continuously amazed by technological advancements.  AutoJudo is the byproduct of my experiences and passions and I hope you find it useful in acquiring your next vehicle.  

I like to think of AutoJudo as being revolutionary.  And it is revolutionary.  But the reality I have faced in getting this bad boy up and running has been my most significant professional journey to date.  


We’re a boot-strapped start-up company that’s had a tremendous amount of support from the dealers you see on this site as well as a number of behind the scenes partners to which we owe a great debt of gratitude.  We’re currently operating in beta, only in Southern California but plan to soon be in top markets across the United States.


If you are a dealer partner; I’d like to thank you for your support in participating in our program.  We could not operate without you.


If you are looking to buy a car; please give the dealers you see on our site the opportunity to earn your business.   Each and every one of them operates with integrity, honesty and deserves your patronage.  I have personally purchased vehicles from multiple dealers on this site and have referred friends and family who have too.  


Whether you’re a dealer or a buyer, we are always open to your thoughts and feedback and would love to hear from you.  To contact us click here.





Tom Smith

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